5 things NOT to do in London

London – the culture capital of Europe. Home to Buckingham Palace, English breakfast tea, red buses, Big Ben, fish and chips, black cabs and more.  If you’re planning a dream trip to see the sites, here are 5 things to avoid.

1.Angus Steak House – they are an overpriced tourist trap chain of steak restaurants offering basic food all over the West End. Instead, go to Mash, Hawksmoor, Gaucho or Flat Iron.

2. The Central/ Northern line tubes in rush hour – you literally can’t move, it’s hot, you sometimes have to wait for 4/5 trains to pass before you can get on and people are miserable. Wait until after 9am or walk if you can – it’s much nicer.

3. Leicester Square – it’s an overcrowded nightmare full of chain restaurants, overpriced cinemas and an M&M shop. Avoid it like the plague and head to Covent Garden instead.

4. Don’t pay to go up the Shard – it’s £25 and you miss one of the main attractions in the skyline if you do – the Shard itself! Instead, go to the Sky Garden. It’s free and you get an awesome view of the Shard in front of you.

5. Don’t go to pubs near train stations – they are the most expensive in the city! Go further into an area and if you want something really cheap, find a Sam Smith pub.





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