Top 3 London cheap eats

London is famous for new restaurant openings, top Michelin-starred dinners and fine dining at the top of a skyscraper – all complete with a hefty price tag. It’s also famous for amazing food markets, cool coffee shops and street food.

But, if you’re looking for something in the middle that feels special, takes great and doesn’t break the bank – try my top three cheap eats.

1 – Flat Iron

Flat Iron is a steak restaurant offering a shoulder piece of meat – the flat iron and a side salad for just £10. The cut is not as famous as sirloin, rump or fillet but damn is tender, tasty and much better value for money.


The meat comes out on a board, sliced and with a meat cleaver cooked however you like it – I recommend medium rare. Even if you want sides, they are less than £3 each and there’s enough to share so get one between two. The creamed spinach and dripping chips are both fantastic.

Unfortunately, you can’t book a table and at that price, I’m sure you can imagine the size of the queue, so get there early. There are four restaurants in total – Shoreditch, Henrietta Street, Denmark Street, Covent Garden and Bleak Street. I’d recommend going to Covent Garden as it’s the biggest.

2 – Homeslice

Homeslice is a pizza restaurant that started in 2011. It offers 10 delicious toppings by the slice or as a 20″ pizza for just £20!

There are three restaurants – Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden (the original), Fizrovia and Shoreditch. If you want to book a table, go to Shoreditch or Fizrovia as Neal’s Yard in walk-in only and and can have queue times of over an hour.


The pizza itself is quite thin (very Italian) and comes with not your average toppings. The menu alters slightly from week to week but my all time favourite is the goat, kale and yoghurt. It’s so flavoursome! Salami, rocket and Parmesan is probably my second favourite then aubergine and cauliflower cheese.

It’s a great place to go as a group and what’s more – they literally service Prosecco on tap!

3 – Siam Central

Located directly opposite the Charlotte Street Hotel, Siam Central offers really good Thai food at really good prices.

I’ve been quite a few times now and always order the same thing – chicken drunken noodles. It’s basically thick egg noodles with vegetables, chicken and sauce for just £7.25.


They serve a great selection of sides and Thai beers too. If you fancy a starter, try the Tom Yum soup.




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